Sand Överallt is a new single from Laleh’s upcoming album. The music is written by Laleh Pourkarim, Gustaf Thorn

The American rock band Blondie landed in Cuba on Wednesday 13th of March. Blondie plays its first concert on the island, after being in the music industry for more than four decades. Two concerts are held Friday and Saturday at the Mella Theater in Havana. The repertoires contains everything from classics to songs from the […]

The music video El Mentiroso is directed by Cuban Alejandro Pérez and recorded in Cuba. The play is a collaboration between Gente de Zona and the Colombian singer Silvestre Dangond. The music video has already reached more than three million views on YouTube. The song is a fusion of mainstream Latin music with the Colombian […]

Enrique Iglesias together with Jon Z releases his first-ever Trap song, titled Después Que Te Perdí. Iglesias is always searching for new inspiration and pretends to find the way to the Latin Trap Movement, without leaving behind his background. He joins therefor Puerto Rican singer Jon Z, i a collaboration that creates a new version […]

M’lissa was born January 30th 1997 in Helmond, The Netherlands. Born into a musical family M’lissa learned to love music from a very early age. Multi talented, she’s a singer/songwriter/pianist and plays the guitar. M’lissa has been performing live on stage from the age of 5! She has more than 5 million views for her […]

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