Release The Power and The Light within You

Written by on 26/03/2019

“Coincidences” are opportunities if you open your eyes to them

By Silvia Gurrola Bonilla, MSc on Gestalt Psychotherapy, Author and Gender Equality Consultant

On March 8, during the Business Women Oslo (BWO) network event to commemorate the Women´s International Day, Nora Salinas and Marcela Cárdenas introduced their workshop “Release the Power and the Light within You”. Regrettably, I had a deadline on the weekend that the forthcoming workshop was scheduled, so I was not going to be able to participate. I lamented it, since I had heard very encouraging comments on their work.

In that BWO gathering, while we were mingling, Marcela shared with me a chain of unexpected events that led to a new workshop scheduled in Svalbard, so we cheered together. Clearly, Nora and Marcela´s good vibes and drive are projected through their passion, and this is resonating among those who surround them.

While I apply similar principles of determination and positive attitude in my own personal and professional life, their courage was a call to be more focused and persistent. A couple of days after that, I too received unexpected news; it was about the publishing of my second novel and the translation of my first one. In addition, my current consultancy worked out in a way that I managed to free the weekend and, guess what! I got to attend their workshop and recharge my energy!

My own chain of events reminded me how important it is to be connected with our “here and now”, so we become more receptive to the opportunities around us if we open our eyes to them. Consequently, things flow neatly.

Having worked on human development in twelve countries in the past 25 years, and being a psychotherapist myself, I can confidently say that I recommend this workshop. Regardless of your previous training or current practice, this workshop will contribute to your personal growth and self-awareness.

I would like to congratulate Nora, Marcela and Carmen Mora (who assisted in the facilitation of the workshop) for this much needed initiative in Oslo. I would also like to commend the attendees, including myself, for giving ourselves the opportunity to live this encouraging journey, a journey that releases the power and the light within all and each one of us.

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