Competition Rules

The following rules apply to participants in competitions at MALECÓN RADIO’s radio channel, website and apps, unless otherwise specified.

1. MALECÓN RADIO employees, customers, sponsors and partners, as well as their immediate family, cannot participate or win in MALECÓN RADIO’s competitions on radio or online.

2. All participants must participate under their own name and on their own behalf. Winners under the age of 18 must guardians consent to the winner receiving the prize. Violation of the provisions may result in loss of premium.

3. This applies to the age limit of 18 years for premiums that include travel, or alternatively in accordance with guardians unless otherwise agreed. Costs or facilitation in connection with this must be covered / executed by the winner himself.

4. Through participation in competitions and activities at MALECÓN RADIO, the participants approve that their name, picture and voice can be used in the marketing of MALECÓN RADIO or partners on radio, network or other channels.

5. Any tax or fees associated with the prize must be covered by the winner himself. MALECÓN RADIO is not responsible for any other incidental costs related to the prize or its use.

6. The prize cannot be exchanged for financial compensation or transferred to other persons or organizations.

7. MALECÓN RADIO reserves the right to change the competition / activity, rules and content at any time during the competition period.

8. For travel premiums, the winner stands for travel insurance. The winner travels at his own risk and must adquire relevant insurance on his own.

9. MALECÓN RADIO is not responsible for technical errors by telephone, SMS, e-mail or letter when participating in competitions / activities that are outside the reasonable control of MALECÓN RADIO. If the line is broken during the termination of a competition, we reserve the right to proceed to the next caller.

10. Selection of participants in competitions takes place automatically / mechanically. In other words, the first one that gives the correct answer is the winner.

11. Prizes not picked up or returned to MALECÓN RADIO will go to MALECÓN RADIO after three months from the date the prize is won.

12. When participating in competitions at MALECÓN RADIO, the participants accept these competition rules and the decisions MALECÓN RADIO may make regarding winners, changes in period, arrangement or execution of the competition, as final and definitive. MALECÓN RADIO reserves the right to exclude participants if they violate the rules, cheating, acquiring unfair benefits or attempting to sabotage the competition / activity.

13. About Contests on Facebook: The application (s) are in no way sponsored, endorsed by, managed by or associated with Facebook. You only provide information to MALECÓN RADIO, and not to Facebook or a third party. The information will only be used in the application you have given consent to.

14. Contests in our apps are made on our own behalf and are in no way sponsored by, supported by, administered by or associated with Apple, the App Store, Google or the Google Play Store.

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